Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Xbox Vs Ps3 Review # 1

Whats with the constent feud between these systems? Yes the both have there4 pros and cons but WHO CARES i know try hards do okey. I will tell you IMO which i like more but i will show you the pros and cons.

Xbox 360- Pros: Many Great games to choose from Gears, Halo, Left 4 Dead and MLB 2k9. Very inexpensive only 200$ if you have a hard drive to get a arcade and 300 for a new one. Plays Regualr xbox game like Halo 2. Can have Wired Connection
Xbox 360- Cons: Red Rings of Death happen Occasionaly, Controller is very hefty, Wireless Mics break so easily, Air vent make loud noises, Market place usally rips people off and you can hack accounts. Have to pay to get Xbox live.

Ps3- Pros: Has God Of War, Killzone, inFamous, Prototype and games that dont get boring. Mic Never breaks, Controller has dualshock and SIX AXIS that is just amazing. Free internet connection and PS Live. Free wirless connection and also Dosent make noises. Controller is also as light as a feather.
Ps3- Cons: Not alot of very good games that interest you, Wirless connection and you need a router to get internet connection, cost 400 $ for a ps3, can not play regular ps2 games without buying the 600$ Ps3 that you can rarely find. Also acessories cost 10 more dollars then any Xbox merchandise.

Okey Well I like Xbox 60% and Ps3 40% b/c more friends have xbox's and i enjoy it much more with people to play with and Also the games just take you away and you can get lost playing them for over 10 hours.


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