Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prototype Vs inFamous

Okey People have been asking should i get prototype or inFamous. Well I say get both but they usally say well my mom said 1 so... Well I purchased the both games on the First day. inFamous was released on May 26, 2009 and I was able to finish all the side missions and story on June 5, 2009. Cole McGrath the main character in the game had this terrible infection that started in his city and he was brought to his powers of Lightning and Electricity which is pretty cool. Prototype was Released on June 17, 2009 and I was able to get all gold on side mission and also finish the campaign on July 1, 2009. Alex Mercer the main character in Prototype also gets this infection in his city that brings him powers to shapeshift into people and learn what they know and also have powers to make claws, sword and shield.
inFamous- Pros: Many Unique ways to kill people, alot of enemies and also Very useful powers and quite alot of them. The Story was very interesting (You will have to play it if you want to know why) The boss battles in the game are also very hard and you will ahve to use your minds on this one. Also can decide if you want to be bad or good from the start with the missions.
inFamous- Cons: The Story was excellent but very short and also doing the side missions were very easy when you had all your powers. Little bit of a bug on a mission i kept spawn dieing but had to restart console, and this is a make believe city not NY. Also too much talking and cant skip through. Rating 1-10 *(9.2)*
Prototype- Pros: The Powers are the best part of the game you can shape shift into a helicopter rider and actually ride the helicopeter or run into a army base with a commader and wreck havioc on them. This is actually place in New York and you can go on top of the Empire State building and Jump Off and live. You can hover and Run up buildings with Ease. Also Story is incredible so are the graphics and longer than infamous.
Prototype- Cons: There is alot of side missions in this game and i always like to go for gold so that takes a long times and also the travel is so long you have to go across the city all the time and it took forever and a day to go back and fourth. There are a little to many powers to upgrade in Prototype but i guess its okey b/c you have to get gold on side missions for experience points to earn moves. Rating 1-10 *(9.5)*
So I recomand both games just because they are heart stopping games that really enjoyed me throughout the game. But if you can only pick 1 i guess Prototype wins by just a hair but with all the powers and amazing game play you should defentially pick it up!

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